Drinking Water

What’s in my drinking water? The answer is not a good one. Most drinking water in the United States is treated with chlorine and contains fluoride along with a host of other chemicals mostly from the urine of those taking pharmaceutical drugs. If your house does not have a well, then yes your toilet water gets recycled into drinking water. Kind of gross if you think about it. So what do you drink instead? Is bottled water good? Some. Any water manufactured by PepsiCo has flouride in it so stay away. Do not drink distilled or reverse osmosis water. Natural minerals are removed and this water can leach minerals from the body. Do not drink softened water. Do drink spring water or tap water filtered with a charcoal and flouride filter.

Big Berkey is the best water filtration system I’ve seen. With its gravity filter, it doesn’t require a battery either. For more information look at my Review on this.