How to Treat Ear Infections Naturally

Ear Infections and Re-occuring Ear Infections. What causes an ear infection? Ear infections are caused by either a virus or inflammation within the body. Some kids seem to get more than others, so why is this? Vaccines have been attributed because they damage the immune system in some children more than others and in so doing can make it so that the child will be more susceptible to these kind of attacks on the body than others. What makes me sad is to see a child go to the doctor over and over only to finally get tubes in his/her ear. This is not only preventable, but doesn’t have to happen! You see, any type of inflammation in the body is due to what the body is taking in and oftentimes this is food.

Ear infections have been linked to dairy consumption. Oftentimes I will tell people to take their children off of dairy and see if the ear infections clear up, but my advice is not heeded because, well, I’m not a doctor. So the children suffer. But I do know and have done my research on these type of things, and know that ear infections is a result of dairy intake. Eliminating this WILL eliminate the problem. For some people, dairy causes inflammation in the body.

If it’s a virus triggering the ear infections than treatment of the ear can be done along with proper treatment of the virus. Depending on the virus and the age of the person, you will want to choose an herb that’s appropriate. Goldenseal is great for adults while Echinacea should be used for children.

Treating ear infections can be done without antibiotics. 

Directions to treat ear infections: Take 3 cloves of garlic and mash them up, take an ounce of coconut oil and simmer the garlic in this for about 10-15 minutes. Let cool and then put 3 drops into the ear at night before bed, hold it there for a good 5-10 minutes and then you can let drain. Do this as often as needed till the infection is gone.


Directions to treat the virus causing the ear infection: For adults, Goldenseal – take 2 tsp herb to 1 cup boiling water, you can reuse this again a second time as well. Drink every day – up to a week till virus clears up.  I recommend Starwest Botanicals. They sell good quality, highly effective, organic Goldenseal.

For Children, Echinacea – because children are not prone to drink tea, there are some lovely tinctures/extracts out there that they can take that have this herb in them. I recommend Kids Wellness. Kids Wellness extracts are formulated by a doctor, free of additives, preservatives, GMO’s, and they work amazing. They sell an ear drop formula that is effective at treating ear infections as well. It is made with three highly effective herbs, but if you can’t afford that and need treatment right away – coconut oil and garlic do wonders.

Following these directions WILL get rid of the infection. Garlic and coconut oil work together as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. They are excellent and should be kept on hand at all times.


  1. Really interesting article about natural remedies for treating ear infections. I was especially surprised by the fact that ear infections have been linked to dairy! I have recently been researching the effect of dairy in terms of inflammation as well as I believe it makes arthritis worse, but never realized it could have an effect on ears as well! Really interesting info on your site. I’ll be reading it over.

  2. Interesting post. I did not know that dairies can cause ear infections. I can only think of how uncomfortable it might be for kids who suffer from this infections and if it is at all painful, or if it is hurting when you drop fluids inside their ears. Thinking of the coconut oil and garlic, I wonder what the doctor’s alternative might be. Like maybe antibiotic drops? This post is informative for those who have no idea how this condition is treated except going to the doctor for treatment.

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Yes and I’ve seen many parents treat with antibiotics after antibiotics which only cures the symptoms and not the root cause which is dairy hence the recurrence in symptoms even after treatment of antibiotics. My hope is to really awaken parents to this so that they can treat properly. Thank you again for your comment. 🙂 

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