Frustration with Doctors

Are you frustrated with your doctor?

Not all doctors are the same. There are some terrible doctors out there and then there are those who really care about their patients and their practice. There are some great functional, Ayurvedic, and holistic doctors out there! And we need them oftentimes to diagnose the illness, find out what our bodies are missing when it relates to nutrients, analyze blood work, and mend physical casualties such as broken legs, etc. For that, I am grateful we have these doctors, but again, not all doctors are the same. I believe greed and a lack of empathy has driven most doctors to not take the time to really diagnose causes and problems and instead just prescribe and push pills. That’s what upsets me. They won’t take the time to test, they don’t listen to your concerns or even suggestions, and they treat you like you’re a child because, well, you didn’t go to college like they did to become a doctor so what do you know? It amazes me they think like this when their entire education has been based around the science of pills and pill pushing.

My Experience with Doctors

Many times, just to get a diagnosis, I would take my children to the doctor if they were sick and he would immediately prescribe antibiotics. This was without proper testing of the illness. I would ask, “What if it’s not bacterial, won’t this do more harm than good?” I was reassured that it would be fine. I then proceeded to throw out the antibiotics and treat naturally with herbs and EVERY time my children turned out fine. I’m now reading online that antibiotics are being way over-prescribed and there’s antibiotic resistant germs out there now, call them superbugs. I am glad I followed my intuition. One time my doctor prescribed, for a rash on my 8 yr old daughter at the time, this steroid cream that in the inlet it said was only meant for 18 and older and could cause harmful and permanent damage, a disease. I was angry that my doctor had prescribed this for my daughter. You’re a doctor and you don’t know this? Why would you prescribe this to my daughter? These were some of the thoughts going through my head. It was just ridiculous to me. Needless to say I never treated her with it and instead treated her with essential oils. The rash went away.

Treatment of Hashimoto’s Disease (Hypothyroidism)

My frustration with doctors started when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor at the time refused to draw up a full blood work on me (even though I requested it) and would only test my T3 levels which kept turning up normal every time I went when I went to him and complained that I was still experiencing extreme fatigue. That’s when I decided to get help from a functional doctor who drew up my entire blood work for my thyroid and realized that even though my T3 levels were normal, my T4 was not. And I had a large amount of antibodies meaning I had Hashimoto’s Disease. This was NEVER – in the two years I had been seeing my regular doctor – diagnosed. How frustrating right? Especially when you are dealing with something that affects your entire system, from emotions to physical weight gain. This is not something my other doctor ever took the time to figure out. Completely frustrating when I was dealing with this for over two years. She also pulled numerous other blood work on me too which showed I was borderline anemic and zinc deficient. She recommended ferrous iron, selenium, and zinc along with 3-6 tablets of Wobenzym a day. Wobenzym is made of up natural enzymes derived from plants that alleviate inflammation within the body. The Wobenzym is used to keep the antibodies down and control the Hasimoto’s. If you buy Wobenzym, do NOT buy the knock-off brand that Garden of Life makes. I’ve tried it because it’s cheaper, but it’s just not as potent. Douglas Labs sells the authentic Wobenzym at a better price than other third parties.

What is really great and amazing about this product, is that I also suffer from arthritis in the hips from faulty chiropractor adjustments. This product not only brought my antibodies down, but provided me with relief from the arthritis as well. You will notice any joint aches or pains will actually improve and start to feel better over time with this supplement. It is a great product. 

I’ve been continually looking at hypothyroidism and researching herbs to cure the thyroid. Ashwagandha and Rhiodola is great for those with hypothyroidism and can help with fatigue, however it doesn’t cure it. Gluten and dairy are no no’s in a person with hypothyroidism as these can create inflammation in the body which brings your antibodies up. The pills out there for thyroid health, kelp, and iodine tablets, etc. are all great when taken in moderation and not very often, but if these are taken in excess, they can have the opposite effect and make your thyroid even more lazy and unproductive.  If I’m able to cure my thyroid, I will share my results on here.



  1. Your site is amazing, thanks so much! I’m a card carrying naturalist and refuse to take pills or see the doctor (unless it’s something like a broken bone!), and find that they really aren’t in the know about alot of alternate and natural remedies and approaches to health. I feel much stronger and healthier since being vegan the last five years…

    1. Thank you and yes, it’s crazy. You would think as a practitioner doctors would look into alternative methods, especially if they work, but there’s little money in that especially when they are receiving bonuses and incentives to push pills. They are also looked down by their own peers in the medical community. Keep up the good work though, sounds like you’re on the right path. 🙂

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