Olive Leaf Extract


What is Olive Leaf Extract?

From the Olive plant, this extract is powerful at intestinal cleaning and normalizing yeast levels so it is a great herb for Candida sufferers. By promoting good intestinal health and supporting the yeast balance in the body, this extract supports the immune system. You’ve probably heard that illnesses may stem from bad intestinal health. It’s true and studies support it. Your intestines are actually a huge part of your immune system. This is where you eliminate waste and toxins from the body and if your body can’t efficiently do this, then it suffers. This is an herb made for yeast and Candida sufferers. It is effective at also treating thrush.

Contains:  This depends in large part on where you buy it. Try and avoid harmful additives, fillers, or preservatives and instead choose an olive leaf extract that is used with organic olive leaf and extracted with organic alcohol. Mountain Meadow Herbs sells the best olive leaf extract in my opinion. You can find it by clicking Here.

Cautions: Safe for children and nursing or pregnant women. Discontinue use in infants if you notice a sore mouth or swollen gums. Consult your health care provider if you are currently on medication.

Directions:  For intestinal cleaning: Adults: 1/4 tsp in water ; Children: (2-11 yrs) 1/8 tsp, (8 mo to 2 yrs) 5-15 drops ; Infants: (under 8 mo) 5-10 drops. Take 3 times daily half hour before meals for 2 weeks.

How to treat Candida, thrush, and/or normalize yeast levels: Adults, Children, and Infants: Same dosages for each as mentioned above, but take 1-3 times daily.

For Mountain Meadow Herbs Olive Leaf Extract – 2 full droppers equals approx. 1/4 tsp and a full dropper is 1 squeeze of the dropper.