ClearLice Review

Product: ClearLice Natural Head Lice Treatment Kit (Family Size)
Price:  $154.50
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  • 2 – ClearLice Natural Head Lice and Nit Remover Shampoo (8oz)
  • 2 – ClearLice Natural Head Lice and Nit Remover Conditioner (8oz)
  • 2 – ClearLice Natural Head Lice Protection Home Treatment Spray (8oz)
  • 2 – ClearLice Naturaundry enzyme additive (8oz)
  • 1 – Certified ss micro-grooved nit comb (8oz)
  • 2 – Shower cap
  • 1 – Set of instructions

Average Customer Review: 4 Stars out of 5
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Pros: Doesn’t have a bad smell, is made up of all natural ingredients, non-toxic, and highly effective.

Cons: May have to treat it twice.

How to treat lice? That’s the big question, especially when a lot of products out there are harmful and these are your children’s heads we are talking about here so for me it wasn’t an option and I had to find something natural.

Websites I went to to research on it called the lice of today “super lice”. What “super lice” means is that the lice of today are highly resistant to the common lice treatments like RID which is essentially a pesticide. I DO NOT recommend RID or any pesticides to treat lice as these are very harmful and it’s completely unnecessary.  In my research I found out that lice typically only infect children and not adults. They think this is due to the body chemistry of adults as well as the hair products we put on our heads. You see lice like clean heads and contrary to popular belief, getting lice means you have a clean head.  I tried so many “natural” remedies online that just didn’t work and maybe I did them wrong, but I was losing hope. Other alternative methods I used was suffocating them by using mayo in the hair. This stunk so bad, I will never do that again. I also tried making essential oil mixtures to put in the hair too, which I believe helped, but didn’t get rid of the problem.

In my distress I finally decided to pay some cash to get it treated, but I did NOT want these products I saw like RID with harmful pesticides on my children’s heads. These have major health effects that can last for years down the road. I found a company called Clearlice.

I bought their family line of products and had it over-nighted. Within two days (1 treatment for my daughter and 2 for my son), the infestation was gone. This was after I had gone about two weeks trying “natural” remedies online. Now I had bagged up all stuffed animals in the interim (for 14 days), washed sheets every night and vacuumed as well, but it was entirely gone with the Clearlice regimen and I was so happy. I am extremely happy for their products, and it was truly a lifesaver when my children had lice. If you are going through what I went through, I definitely recommend their products.