Pronatura Kombucha Tea Review

Product: Pronatura Kombucha Tea
Price:  $19.88
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Size of Container: 33.8 ounce
Average Customer Review: 4 1/2 Stars out of 5
My Rating: 10 out of 10

Pros: Has a pleasant taste, like a sparkling apple cider, which makes it easy to drink unless you don’t like fizzy drinks.

Cons: Not for children under 12. Once opened, must be drank in 10 days. Not as effective in treating viral lung infections like pneumonia. If you have pneumonia, you should consult a doctor.

I had never even heard of Kombucha Tea till about 12 years ago. I used to come down with bronchitis every winter. This was at a time where I didn’t take care of my body or immune system like I should have and I was totally oblivious to anything, but antibiotics, when it came to healing. So I was taking antibiotics, but they were just not getting rid of the bronchitis and they were tearing up my gut.

I called my mom (the herbalist) up and she had recommended I buy Kombucha Tea. Said it was a “mushroom” tea that was great for the lungs, but it’s not actually made of mushrooms at all. It’s fermented black tea. She had said to be careful where I buy it from as if it’s incorrectly made, the tea can be deadly. So I looked, researched, and found this German company called Pronatura. I decided to try it out. I quit taking my antibiotic and drank one bottle of this (including the mother- yes, like vinegar, it has a mother) and it cured my bronchitis within a week. I now stock up on this during the winter months as it not only lasts for a long time unopened, but is quite effective in treating any respiratory bacterial infections. In fact, it is great for gut health as well. I’ve also given this tea to others with respiratory issues and they’ve experienced the same results as me. I have tried other Kombucha teas such as Synergy and while they taste good, they are not as potent or effective as Pronatura Kombucha Tea.

I do recommend drinking 4 ounces three times a day till the tea is gone. You’ll feel a difference the second day of drinking this.


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  1. I love ACV and drink it almost every day like a tonic – I’ve actually come to really love the taste. Now, Kombucha, I could drink by the bucket load, it’s delicious and I always feel so amazing afterwards.

    I didn’t know you could actually buy Kombucha online! This is great 🙂

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