Covid-19 RNA based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

COVID-19 RNA BASED VACCINES AND THE RISK OF PRION DISEASE – A research article that was released back in December 2020. I encourage you to read this through its entirety before proceeding further.

If you don’t vaccinate (or even if you do and are just skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine so have decided not to take it) and have experienced a similar reaction of people calling you stupid and not believing in ‘science’, then don’t feel alone. There are many of us out there who are skeptical of the mRNA vaccines being pushed on the public within 1 year of studying and over 50 years of doctors even trying to perfect an mRNA vaccine that doesn’t create a cytokine storm within the body. This type of vaccine has NEVER been used on humans before.

Calm before the cytokine storm: Deadly immune overreaction killing many coronavirus patients cruelly strikes AFTER people start to feel better, top doctor claims – Although I hate the Daily Mail, here’s an article talking about just that and do your own research. There are tons out there.

We need to learn to separate opinion from facts. Your news outlets – opinion. Real studies and research articles from legit sources – Facts. Those of us who choose not to vaccinate or take the Covid-19 vaccine are because of ‘science’, but real science. You know, real doctors studying the effects of the virus on the human body. To suggest anti-vaxxers are anti-science is just ludicrous. We’re probably the most educated bunch on the topic you’ll meet.

I love science, real science. That’s why I spend hours researching viruses and vaccines. Researching ingredients and studies is kind of what we do. I don’t take anything into my body without researching, especially something as permanent as a vaccine. You can’t reverse something that alters your genetic makeup permanently. It’s like getting a tattoo. You better love it forever.

Vaccines in general are a wonderful idea if you can isolate the virus and not put a cocktail of poisons, aborted fetal tissue, and animal DNA in with it. That would be perfect, but that’s not what they do. In fact, vaccines need adjuvants to work. See video below.

Keep in mind, the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus) has NEVER been isolated, it’s impossible. So, therefore, anything you take to vaccinate against it simply won’t work. You’ll still get sick. So why take the risk? And with a 99.9% morbidity rate, it’s ridiculous to take a vaccine for the common cold. However, I do believe, as, with all viruses, this is a manmade bioweapon and can impact unhealthy people more than others.

Similar to meningitis, studies are now showing that the Covid-19 virus impacts the brain stem and frontal cortex (olfactory system) of the brain, hence why the loss of taste and smell. How COVID-19 Affects the Brain – This is a research study done on the subject by doctors. I encourage you to read it – very informative. New Study Shows What Causes Brain Damage In COVID-19 Patients – Here’s another one as well.

You cannot let the virus get that far where it enters the bloodstream. At the first sign of illness, you should be doing everything to get better – Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, herbs like Mullein, Feverfew, Pau d’Arco, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Olive Leaf extract, Oregano Oil, you name it. Just check out my blogs on the subject to know how to protect yourself. What is CORONAVIRUS and How to Prepare for nCoV-2019 (COVID-19) is one on protecting yourself and Treating COVID-19 With Herbs is how to combat the illness once you have it. And you need to stay healthy, now more than ever. Keep the gut healthy and you keep your immune system healthy.

When I stumbled upon the above mRNA research article, my suspicions were confirmed and my heart dropped. Do you realize what this article is saying? Prion diseases are neurodegenerative diseases. This is long-term permanent damage to your nervous system. I fear for those who have already taken the vaccines, millions of people. It’s just evil and it breaks my heart. When Bill Gates said the next wave would be worse, he’s right. The next wave will be worse because these vaccinated people are going to get sick and not recover. This is beyond evil.

Bill and Melinda Gates, “The next pandemic will get attention this time.”

My speculation is that this fall we’ll see another release of a bioengineered virus – a mutant variant they’ll call it. And it will literally affect all of those who thought the vaccine was their hope and treated it as though they won the lottery. It will destroy them. It’s going to be terrible and it saddens me. Remember when Bill Gates said we’ll wish we were back to dealing with Cov-19? How did he know all of this? Read the article I posted above and it becomes very obvious.

Next, transhumanism will be pushed on us because we’ll be so decrepit and dying – it’ll be our salvation. To live and not die…. Remember when Jesus said in John 12:25, “He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal.”

God had a purpose in mind when He designed us – Human 2.0. We need His design, not man’s.

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