Enter Into Bliss with Your Own Spa Treatment

Can’t afford a day at the spa and wondering what to do? Treat yourself to a DIY spa! Why? Because spa treatments have amazing benefits! Not only are they relaxing, ease stress, anxiety, depression, and tension in the mind and body, but it’s also very detoxing to the body and helps improve your skin tone and texture. Spa treatments can get very costly though, but with my easy to do spa treatment, you’ll be relaxing your way to bliss in no time!

Set The Mood

What You’ll Need for a DIY Spa Treatment

  • Oil Diffuser – If you don’t already have an oil diffuser, you can buy one pretty much anywhere. I would recommend getting one from Starwest Botanicals.  They are pretty cheap and they offer some lovely, wooden carved ones.
  • Essential OilsStarwest Botanicals also carries high quality essential oils. I would recommend getting either Frankincense, Lavender, or Lemongrass for an essential oil. These are very relaxing oils.
  • Purified, Filtered Water and a fresh, organic Lemon – Lemon water is detoxifying.
  • Smart Phone or Relaxing Music of your Choice – If you have a smart phone, you’ll want to download the app Insight Timer. This is a free meditation app that offers a great selection of relaxing, mediation music. You can either create a timer on this app for a specified length of time or pick one of their many music meditations to listen to. YouTube has some great music for this as well.
  • Pillow(s) – You’ll need one to rest your head on. It is optional if you want others to make yourself more comfortable.
  • 2 Towels – One to lay down on the pillow and another to wash your face off with later.
  • Organic, Raw Honey or Raw Manuka Honey – Manuka honey is higher in antioxidants, but both will be beneficial to your skin. You can pretty much find organic, raw honey in most supermarkets. Why raw? When products are pasteurized, it kills the beneficial ingredients in it and renders it pretty much useless. Plus raw honey is already anti-bacterial so there really is no need to pasteurize it.
  • An Organic Cucumber – Cucumbers have a skin lightening effect that can make your skin appear youthful and glowing. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in cucumbers brings down the water retention in the eyes which reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Small glass bowl or jar – for mixing the honey with the seaweed
  • Organic Seaweed or Dulse Flakes – Laminaria seaweed heals, hydrates and calms skin, while rockweed seaweed can relieve muscles and joints. If you don’t have seeweed, you can substitute with dulse (which maybe easier to find at your health food market). Dulse can help to tighten and nourish skin making it smooth and supple.

Creating the Mood

Once you have everything listed above, set up the oil diffuser near where you will be lying and dim the lights.

Make sure to eliminate or reduce any noises that would disturb you. Where I live, it is very peaceful so all you hear is birds and the wind when the windows are open.

Next, prepare yourself a glass of lemon water.

  • Slice up an organic lemon and gently squeeze some of the juice into a glass of cold, iced water and then pop the rest of the lemon in with your water.
  • Starting your treatment with a glass of this boosts your detox and keeps you hydrated.
  • Lemon water is also great for digestion.

Add some relaxing music. Once you’ve found the music you want to play, pause it till you’ve prepared your treatment.

Prop up the pillow(s) where you’ll be laying and lay a towel down on the pillow your head will be resting on.

Prepare Your Treatment

Next, cut up the organic cucumber into slices. You’ll need two slices to place over the eyes.

Place a paper towel on the cucumber to soak up any excess water.

*Side note– you can make a really great toner for the skin combining an ounce of almond oil, cucumber water from several slices, lemon juice from one lemon, and aloe vera scraped off of the leaf of an aloe vera plant.

While, the paper towels are soaking on the cucumber, take about a half of cup of the raw honey and place into a glass bowl or small jar.

  • Take about 2 TBSP of seaweed or dulse and mix this really well with the honey.
  • Use a butter knife or your hands to apply the honey and seaweed mixture onto the face, avoiding the eyebrows, eyes, and lips.
  • Do this around the perimeter of the face, avoiding hair. Since I have bangs and long hair, I usually pull these back with a hair clip. You’ll want this thick on the skin.

Relax and Enjoy

  • Turn the music and oil diffuser on.
  • Take your cucumber slices, lie down on your back, and place the cucumber slices over the eyes.
  • Take five, deep cleansing breaths. Hold each breath for a moment or two before exhaling. This will relax the muscles and prepare you for that bliss to come.
  • You may feel oozing of the honey down the face, but don’t worry about this. This is why you place a towel down on the pillow, to catch any of this.
  • Try to relax the entire body including the face.

Begin Meditation

Whenever your mind starts to wonder, bring it back to the breath. The breath of life. Your breath is a unique gift from God. Designed to support you in every way.

Start to think about everything you are grateful for, even the little things taken for granted. Focus on this and the breath. This is a good way to practice gratitude in your life and will help the mind center on those things that matter – those things in our life which we are grateful for and bring us happiness. Even the little things such as the ability to walk, to see, to touch. All very important and all of which we should be most grateful to have in our lives.

When You are Done

Take a deep final cleansing breath when you are almost done and let go of all of the negativity in your life, all of the worries – just breathe it out. Feel it dettaching out of your body and floating away. Because in this moment, it no longer matters. All that matters is the breath coursing through your body. Taking away that tension, those doubts, worries, and stress.

When you are done, get up slowly and take your time.

Take a clean towel (not the one you were laying on) and soak it in hot water, as hot as you can stand, to take the honey mask off of the face.

You’ll want to thoroughly rinse out the dulse flakes each time when removing this. And since the seaweed flakes are so tiny, don’t worry about this going down the drain. But if you are concerned, you may want have something in the drain to catch this.

When all of it is finally off, soak the towel once again in hot water, squeeze the excess water out, and immediately apply over the face and eyes for the last bit of relaxation. And enjoy the rest of your day. 🙂


  1. Catherine,
    This is a very nice site. I felt that it was organized very well. Your explanation of the process was very easy to follow.

    You obviously did your research on things and offered sources for those who wanted more information. I always think this is helpful and valuable. It also gives the subject matter credibility.

    I also like that you give explanation of the herb properties and potentials.

    Images were appropriate. Tone was appropriate. I felt that this site would help one achieve serenity

    BTW, I tip my hat to you. You have become a master of the subject. To be self taught is a remarkable achievement. I am extremely impressed.

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