Fruit of the Heart

The fruit of the heart, the spirit, comes forth through the mouth. Most of us have heard this, but don’t fully understand it’s meaning. Another way to put this is, for from the heart comes forth life or death. This is a very important Biblical teaching. We must make our hearts right in order to speak good, to speak unto life, and to fully accomplish God’s will and purpose for our lives. For each one of us, those of us who are brought into God’s kingdom through the cleansing of Jesus holy and precious blood, all have a purpose God has set before us.

We need to identify where does the stuff we really say come from? Sometimes it may seem that we speak before we think, we say things we later regret, etc. Why?

Jesus identified the problem in the Bible as coming from inside of us. There may be roots of bitterness, resentment, unbelief, impurity, or pride in our own hearts, but what is inside will eventually come out, even to our own surprise.

We must first uproot whatever rotted seed that lies in our own hearts before we can truly be filled with the Holy Spirit and bear His seed which bears fruits of unconditional love, peace that transcends above all others, heavenly joy, long-suffering, virtue, kindness, and patience.

The only seed that the roots of bitterness, resentment, unbelief, impurity, or pride will produce is fruits of pain, suffering, and harm. If we want to do good in our lives, we must recognize this.

Before I delve into how we do this. Let’s take a look at our speech – language.

God spoke the world into existence. Physicists, when breaking down matter into the smallest origin, find that all matter is held together by “quarks”. They don’t understand it, but they do understand that is a higher, divine frequency holding everything together.

When we speak, what comes forth also operates on a level of frequency. We can do harm and we can produce good with our own mouths and what we say. This frequency puts out negative or positive energy and shapes the futures of those involved. It essentially creates – much like God’s voice does, but on a much smaller scale. This shouldn’t surprise us since we are created in God’s own image and likeness.

This is why the Bible tells us to exhort our own ears. If we are not careful, what someone says may took root in our own hearts and cause that bitterness, resentment, unbelief, or pride.

God’s speech holds the universe together and if he were to stop speaking, everything would fall apart. We were made in God’s image. So what does that mean for you and I?

We also create with our speech, but on a much smaller level than our Creator. We are unique in that what we bind here on Earth, is also bound in Heaven. Our destiny, our path is all through speech.

  • When we proclaim Godly things and Jesus power over our own lives, we are blessing it.
  • When we proclaim ill things over our own lives, even jokingly, we are cursing it.
  • So you see, you are either setting yourself up for failure or you’re creating a joyous future just with your speech.

By not controlling our tongues, we are no better than animals who thrive on instinct and not conscious thought. We choose our destinies with our speech.

Take for instance the words Jesus spoke to the religious people of His day: Matthew 23:33, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Jesus knew their hearts weren’t right, that they were filled with evil roots, and therefore nothing from their lips could ever be good.

So how do we uproot these roots of ill and harm that come out from the heart and through the mouth? We need to look inwardly and outwardly. We need to reflect on what we are saying and why we are saying it. Who have we harmed? What has happened because we said those things?

We need to come to terms with the evil or harm we’ve put through our mouths and repent of it. Take it to Jesus, ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him for help in removing the root so that the Holy Spirit can take its rightful place in your heart to guide your spirit.

Be mindful and thoughtful of what you say and what you hear. If you hear something negative, immediately ask Jesus to cleanse your mind of such thoughts so that he may direct them towards the positive, towards the spiritual and heavenly. We need to do this daily. It is so necessary in a world where we are being bombarded by the negative. Don’t let it take root in your own life and cling to Jesus. This is why Jesus commanded his disciples to think on Heavenly things and not worldly.

Thinking of our choices in terms of energy it brings forth makes it all more clear. Dark energy versus light energy. Choose life, in all the little details of life. Focusing on the positive things of your life including incorporating gratitude into your daily practice of meditation or prayer will help your mind center on those things that matter most and instill a root of gratefulness, love, and happiness.

This is why we are exhorted to guard our own hearts and our mouths. For if we choose not to repent and keep the evil root, it will only spring forth evil and harm and never any good. It will be the path of death.

If we want to produce good in our lives, we need the root of the Holy Spirit to take place and we need to water it daily with constant meditation, focus on God’s word, and through prayer and supplication.

Philippians 4:6, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Through this, it will lead to the path of life through Christ Jesus and we will be not only adhering to God’s will, but performing it by producing those fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Speech is powerful. Once we realize that, it is on us to use it wisely. Click Here for more on Healing Your Tongue.

References: Derek Prince Ministries: Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

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