Herbs and Uses

Herbs are powerful medicine, valuable, and most healing. They work with our bodies in not only preventing illness, but in all of our ailments. Understanding herbs and how to use them is key. Here I will be adding all kinds of herbs, what ailments to use the herb for, what the herb contains, what to be cautious of when taking certain herbs, and directions for use. This site is to educate people on herbs so that they are not afraid to use them. By understanding how these plants work, you can achieve freedom in knowing how to heal yourself.

Because the amounts children need to take are quite different from adults, (and the fact that most kids don’t like tea. 🙂 ) tinctures and extracts made from herbs are oftentimes more effective and useful in treating children.

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Pax Tecum in Latin or Peace With You. 🙂 To your Health.