Catnip is by far one of my most favorite herbs and a must to keep on hand at all times during the winter months. This herb was a life saver for me with children. As you know, babies and children cannot take a whole lot of medicines that adults can when they get sick. So when my children developed croup or other viral illnesses, I immediately went to this. Whenever my children were sick with a cold or flu, I would give them this diluted in breast milk as a baby or just as a cold tea. The taste is very mild and not bitter at all so children and babies will drink it. And take it from me, it works amazing to help the body recover from colds and the flu!

Catnip helps relieve and prevent muscle spasms. It increases perspiration, relieves gas, and eases menstrual and indigestion related cramps. Catnip relieves headaches, lowers a fever, calms upset stomach, aids in digestion, alleviates heartburn, and is great for treating colic in babies. It soothes the nervous system, promotes healing, and induces sleep. Catnip is antibacterial and a mild sedative. It relieves symptoms for those with colds, flu, chicken pox or measles, and respiratory infections. Catnip eliminates toxins in the body and aids the immune system as it has anti-fungal, antibiotic, and astringent properties.

Contains: Vitamins A, B, C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium

Cautions: Not for pregnant women.

Directions: To reduce fever: 2 tsp catnip and 1 tsp vervain over 2 cups boiling water.

Cold and Flu: 1 tsp catnip, 1/2 tsp yarrow, and 1/2 tsp angelica over 2 cups boiling water. Adults: 1 cup boiling water over 1 tsp dried catnip, steep 5-10 minutes covering the cup so that volatile oil doesn’t evaporate.

For children less than 1 year old: use 5% of adult dose. Children 1-3 years: use 10%. Children 4-6 years: use 20%.

To sooth an upset baby: 1 tsp catnip and 1 tsp hops to 1 cup boiling water and add to baby’s bathwater.

Tea can be used as a wash or soak to disinfect skin and help repair/heal tissue from abrasions, burns, cuts, and insect bites. It can be used as an eyewash for allergies and inflammation, a rinse for an irritated scalp, and mouthwash to help toothache pain.