How to Develop Your Own Website For Free

Now, this may seem outside the realm of herbs, but it’s actually how I started this website. 🙂

I’ve had a few people ask me, how did you start your own website and how do you know what to do? Well, I thought it would be really hard but it was actually pretty easy when I happened to find Wealthy Affiliate. They make it easy, but you have to have time. Time to put into your website and time to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) provided me with the following:

  • Transformed my passion for herbs into an online hobby, and gave me the tools to do so – for free.
  • Free membership gives you a free website and they have beautiful WordPress designs to choose from.
  • Premium membership gives you unlimited websites and unlocks thousands of other WordPress designs.
  • Loads of strategies are provided to attract traffic.
  • I learned SEO and how to partner with some pretty amazing affiliates.
  • Free training videos to get you started and going including affiliate training (Bootcamp courses). These are really great because they give you all sorts of tips on how to write your blogs and how to really engage that audience.
  • Free mentor assigned to help along the way.
  • A great community of people to connect with, who are all doing the same, and can answer any questions I had. I’ve built some great relationships through WA!

I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate with the intention to blog about my passion for herbs. But even if you don’t have a niche, they’ll help with that as well.

If you are a person who also loves to blog, create content, committed, driven, passionate; I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you don’t know that much about SEO, etc. (and I certainly didn’t when I started), they have the tools to teach you and help you to succeed. They make it so easy. I couldn’t find anyone else who really gives you the training, skills, and personal advice to make a successful website as they do.

And if you don’t know English well (or even if you do) I absolutely love Grammarly. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty good, but still find I get corrected quite a bit with Grammarly. Grammarly will not only check your grammar in every sentence while you’re working in WordPress, but also offers suggestions for improvement in clarity and gives you emojis that demonstrate the context and tone of your writing. The emojis are kind of cool and really help me to pay more attention to tone in my writing which I like.

Grammarly has saved me a ton a time reviewing my blogs as it catches mistakes instantly and it’s free. They do offer a premium plan for a business that offers much more clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery.

Creating my own website has made a world of difference for me and empowered me to learn more not only about content building but about website design and development as well. I also really feel like my writing has improved tremendously since I first started several years ago.

Best of luck to you if you head down this path and if you decide to go WA, feel free to connect with me on there!

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