Toxic Home Transformation Summit – What I Learned from the Speakers

While I thought the Toxic Home Transformation Summit was wonderful and very informative, some of it seemed to me to be a lot of sales pitches to get you scared enough to buy products. I’m in no way a fan of fear tactics to get sales and look down at this when I see it.

The summit, which lasted seven days, had some really good speakers and some not so good speakers. In fact, as soon as I thought someone was trying to sell me on some product they have on their website I quit listening. But also, there was A TON of information being presented, and while I have a lot of knowledge already in it and am doing a lot of the right things to protect myself and my family, someone who’s never heard of any of the topics prior would have been overwhelmed with what to do first.

I originally had tried to get one of my friends to listen to it, but after Day 1 changed my mind and told her the information would make her feel very overwhelmed. Instead, I would work with her slowly on what I learned to help improve her life. Baby steps am I right? Otherwise, you’ll be in a large amount of debt and broke buying everything the speakers told you to buy out of fear. I’m going to break down the speakers I listened to, the information I thought was important, and some cheaper alternatives to what they were trying to get you to purchase.

Speaker 1: Robyn Openshaw – Green Smoothie Girl Review

As someone who has Hashimoto’s, I listened intently as she described not only the disease she had but how she put her Hashimoto’s into remission just simply detoxing. She sold me on her 26 Day Detox on so I ended up buying the program. I thought this was a decent product (somewhat overpriced – $400!) and she gave a lot of good reasons to detox. After purchasing this, I found out it was a waste of money. The recipes and shake/protein powder are disgusting – I had to put a banana in this just to make it taste good. Green smoothies? These CAN be good, but not her green smoothies. Plus it’s just not doable to do something like this when you have a family and you are the only one detoxing – you have to totally buy two different shopping lists of food. Equally unaffordable! Maybe if I was single and had no kids! I swallowed my loss.

Being that America is fat, tired, and mostly diseased, it’s pretty clear we are not detoxing enough though. Our detox pathways are clogged with heavy metals and toxins that our bodies can’t get rid of because we are not helping our bodies to get rid of it.

The American diet is saturated with chemicals, additives, and heavy metals. And to boot half of all Americans are taking poisonous pharmaceuticals that just add to the toxicity of the body.

To summarize her speech, in the culture and world we live in today, it is apparent that we need to detox regularly in order to achieve and maintain optimal health and that means being aware of what we put in and on our bodies, and being aware of our environment to lessen exposure. I agree!

Robyn recommends when you buy her 26 Day Detox to also buy her Pathogen and Parasite packages which are very expensive in my opinion.

My Recommendation: Eat lots of raw foods to fight disease, get a functional doctor who can test what vitamins your body is deficient in and buy those supplements but buy safe supplements made from whole foods.

Next, you don’t need to buy her Pathogen and Parasite packages to safely rid your body of either. Oregano Oil Extract is perfect for pathogens and Diatomaceous Earth can rid your body of parasites. I recommend buying those, much cheaper alternatives.

Bio-Alternatives sells the best quality of oregano oil I’ve seen. It has 85% carvacrol which is what you want. Don’t waste your money on anything less. Vi-Olivia sells the purest DE I know and like I said, it’s very inexpensive compared to Robyn’s packages on her website.

Instructions on how to use Oregano Oil are on the site and product. Don’t know how to use DE? Start with 1/4 tsp in a glass of water before bed daily for two weeks, then up it to 1 tsp. I wouldn’t take more than that unless you are staying really hydrated. Drink lots of water regardless and if you get sick taking DE, it’s because your body is experiencing a parasitic die-off. This will go away and you will end up feeling so much better than you did before. I’m a huge fan of DE and take it regularly. Microbe Formulas and Barlow Herbals also sell some really good parasitic, heavy metal, and viral detox packages clinically proven to work. The links to those are located in the sidebar of this website under “Highly Recommended Herbal Products“.

Speaker 2: Warren Phillips, MS

Warren pretty much reiterated everything Robyn did when it comes to healthy eating, exercise, and healthy relationships. He did note that toxic people can almost be as bad for your health as taking in toxins. He warned against unhealthy relationships and stated that it was essential to remove yourself from toxic people, eat organic whole foods fruits and vegetables, and de-stress. His speech was very uplifting, empowering, and really just set on taking back control of your life.

Speaker 3: Erin Elizabeth

I love Erin! I subscribe to her Healthy Home Economist newsletter and emails. She’s great! When I couldn’t breastfeed my son, I found her homemade baby formula and was able to supply my son with healthy milk during infancy. She’s a blessing. I was excited to see her on the summit.

She also spoke about toxicity in the body and cookware. How you should only use certain types of cookware based on your cooking – so surgical stainless steel for non-acidic foods and glass, ceramic, or clay pots/pans for acidic. This was very enlightening. I ended up purchasing Dr. Mercola’s ceramic pot/pan set as it is of high quality and have been very happy with it! She also briefly mentioned how mold in your home can make you sick.

Speaker 4: Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Mercola and reference many of his studies and research in my blogs. I also subscribe to his newsletter as well. His talk was on EMFs (Electromagnetic frequencies), the research and studies that have been around it, how to measure it in your home, and how to protect yourself from it. This is where I got kind of freaked out.

I knew about EMFs coming from cell phones and wireless devices, but the Cancer Society and the like really downplay the effects EMFs have on the human body. I feel if people really knew what this was doing to our health, they would be more outraged. It really made me angry that the dangers are out there and the powers that be are blatantly ignoring it and allowing Americans to be ignorant of it.

I did end up making some purchases based on his talk. I bought an EMF Meter from because I couldn’t afford the meter Dr. Mercola suggested – too pricey. And then I bought ADR Mats from Life Enthusiast to protect myself and my family from magnetized EMFs emitting from our metal bed springs and bed frames. I obviously cannot afford to buy the overly expensive mattresses he had suggested from Intellibed. These are outrageously priced. I’m not sure who could afford this. When I do get the money budgeted, I’ll be purchasing from Nest Bedding. Almost identical mattress concept except for way more affordable.

And then I bought some Quantum Crystals form RawFoodWorld to carry around my family and I’s necks and to put under our pillows at night as these supposedly absorb the EMF so it minimizes harm to you. The Quantum Crystals suggested on the Toxic Home Transformation checklist, again WAY expensive. This was kind of a waste of money too though because my family doesn’t wear them and I forget to half the time.

Dr. Mercola also suggested buying some expensive shielding paint and grinding all routers and switches, but obviously, that will probably be over many people’s budgets as well.

You can also turn off all circuit breaks at night, and buy a battery powered alarm clock. He suggests throwing out your microwave, (as this creates a large EMF) replacing it with a steamed convection oven and stated that microwaves were originally used in the military and then commercialized for civilian use later. I’ve just unplugged my microwave and bought a convection oven. I never use my microwave anyways.

My family is also taking steps to unplug the WiFi router at night and turn all phones on airplane mode when not in use.

Oh and Robyn Openshaw does sell Zubi packs which you stick on your electronic devices to minimize EMFs. I did buy a pack of those and we are using them. Those were fairly inexpensive and available on her site when I bought her detox program. I rather like the shungite stick-ons on the phones and electronic devices instead though. Shungite has been shown to reduce EMFs. I bought these from

Speaker 5: Ari Whitten

Great speaker! I really enjoyed his talk. He talked about toxicity from lighting in your home and advised against having LED or coiled lights as they emit off mercury and EMF. Instead, he suggests buying Edison bulbs and using incandescent lighting (which my home already has). I got rid of the coiled lights a long time ago. Those leak mercury and are very bad not only for your home but for the environment. Do not buy those.

Ari also talked on 7 items you need to pay attention to in your home to achieve optimal health and happiness. They are listed here:

  1. Light (take care to remove harmful lighting from your home. This includes LED, coiled, and fluorescent lighting)
  2. Air (invest in plants that remove harmful chemicals in the air – check out my blog “How to Detoxify Your Home” for the best plants, beware of off-gassing of new furniture, bedding, and carpet, beware of chlorine steam emissions from showers and baths, buy an air purifier)
  3. Metabolic Stress (open the windows more, get acclimated to hot and cold temps, invest in an infrared sauna)
  4. EMF (be aware of the dangers and take necessary steps to protect yourself and your home)
  5. Movement (get more active)
  6. Food (buy more organic whole foods)
  7. Sleep (invest in things that will benefit your sleep environment like reducing EMF emissions, de-stressing by meditating or exercise, and allowing yourself sufficient time to sleep)

I will say I am investing in an infrared sauna and hope to get one sometime next year. My home is full of plants so I’m good there. I also bought off of shower and bath filters for the home to remove the chlorine in the water.

I will add that good, clean drinking water is essential as well. A Big Berkey gravity filtration system is perfect. If you don’t have one of these, I highly suggest it. It removes more toxins than any filter out there and they even carry fluoride filters if that is in your drinking water.

Speaker 6: Ben Greenfield

I was excited about this speaker because his speech was supposed to be about “Biohacking Your Home”, but then I heard him speak. His talk started out with him walking on a treadmill acting very pompous and self-righteous about all that he’s accomplished. After about 10 minutes of listening to him praise himself, I was done. He’s a very proud person. Good for him, but a huge turnoff in my opinion.

Speaker 7: Eric Zielinkski

Eric started out trying to sell stuff so I was immediately put out on his talk as well. I only listened for about 10 minutes of his sales pitch and was done.

Speaker 8: Mariza Snyder, DC

Good talk about using essential oils in your home to do laundry, clean, and dishes, as well as just diffusing essential oils for better health. I already use Melaleuca cleaning products, which are awesome products to use for dishes, cleaning, and laundry. But she is also an affiliate of DoTerra and was trying to sell people on that. Don’t get me wrong, DoTerra has some nice products, they are just overpriced. If you want essential oil toiletries, Melaleuca sells some really great cleaning products – all made with essential oils and fairly priced. I might blog on that as well.

But my thoughts were Mariza was trying to get you to buy DoTerra to get good essential oils and that is not true. Essential Oils can be bought at Starwest Botanicals or Melaleuca for a fairly cheaper price and they are just as good of quality in my opinion as DoTerra. VitaSprings also carries good quality essential oils.

Speaker 9: Stephen J. Ezell

Stephen talked mostly about laundry detergents and how the phthalates in detergents can affect the skin and are toxic.

My family switched to Melaleuca cleaning products fairly recently. We used to use Seventh Generation before then, but I wasn’t entirely impressed with that line. Melaleuca cleaning products are not only all natural, non-toxic, and inexpensive, but work great and carry the EcoSense label! We dumped the big orange box known as Tide when my daughter started reacting to it adversely. She would get rashes and eczema and it stopped after we went natural.

His experiment was neat showing you how phthalates stay in the clothing after being washed and dried, but this was a sale pitch to buy his laundry detergent which is also all natural.

Speaker 10: Lara Adler

I really liked Laura’s talk. She talked a lot about how empowered you get just from cleaning up environmental toxins and about the toxins in our environment, but what I really liked about her was that she was very comforting in that you should take baby steps to clean up your environment, feel good about the steps you are taking, and not be overwhelmed because stress is also not good.

Speaker 11: Chris Wark

Chris talked a lot about how plants in the home can reduce VOCs and other toxins in the home. They get rid of pathogens in the air and help clean it. Being a plant owner myself, I know how beneficial it is to keep plants in the home as I have quite a few. Plants just make you feel good. 🙂

Speaker 12: Razi Ann Berry

Razi talked a lot about keeping plants in the home as well, but she also spoke about keeping specific crystals in the home such as Shungite, known as The Protector, to help absorb EMFs. She talked a lot about frequencies in rocks and crystals that work with our own body to heal and talked about grounding oneself to the Earth by walking barefoot on clean earth to receive positive frequencies from the Earth and to get rid of negative energy. Because of her advice, I did purchase myself and my family some Shungite crystals from which are beautiful crystals I have the family keep in their bedrooms.

Speaker 13: Veronique Desaulniers, DC

Veronique spoke a lot about vaccine toxicity. One I’m well aware of as my nephew has autism. She said the research shows a direct correlation to autism and vaccines and while vaccines inadvertently cause autism, they are not the root cause. The root cause is the toxicity levels in the mother who bears the child. This is passed onto the child in the womb similar to how nutrients are and because of this, vaccines only do more damage to the already damaged child. For more on Vaccines, I’ve written a pretty extensive blog called ‘What You Should Know About Vaccines, Viruses, and Retroviruses such as Measles and Polio and How to Treat Holistically.

Speaker 12: Jonathan Landsman

Health Ranger

Jonathan spoke on the power of language and words in the home environment. He advised that in order to have a healthy home environment we need to be loving in our words and what we say to our children. It has a powerful impact on their upbringing.

He brought up a test he with two bottles of water, one he did nothing to and the other he wrote the word “Love” on, and he says not even a day after the bottle of water with “Love” written on it was bubbling. Quite interesting. I tried to do the same test, but nothing happened. I did keep the bottles in the fridge so that might’ve dampened the results. Now, this was written and not spoken when I did it, but I do believe in the power of language to create. After all, we are made in God’s image who spoke the world into existence. Therefore we can create with our words as well, but not on the level God can.

Words have power because they create vibrations. A really good book on this was written by N.D. Wilson, a physicist, “Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl”.  I highly recommend this book. I have heard of studies with plants where one plant the tester would utter negative words into and the other plant words of love and the one plant wilted due to the negativity while the other plant grew. I truly believe plants can hear the language and react to it through negative and positive vibrations. Plants are truly incredible.

Speaker 13: Evan Brand, BCHN, CFMP, NTP

Evan spoke a lot on parasites and the damage they wreak on the human body causing all sorts of illnesses. He spoke about the most common parasites found in humans. He also said about 95% of people carry parasites, one that is specifically carried through human and dog saliva can be passed to other people simply by kissing another person or allowing a dog to lick your mouth.

Most people are unaware of parasites and most doctors don’t know how to identify parasites as being the root cause of your symptoms, but parasites are very real and do wreak havoc on the immune system.

He also talked about potential parasites in raw fish (sushi and how you should not eat tilapia which is a garbage fish, similar to pigs, tilapia will eat anything) and raw meat which is usually cooked out unless you are eating medium rare to rare steaks or beef. As I said earlier, Vi-Olivia sells high-quality Diatomaceous Earth that can be taken to rid your body of parasites and it is super cheap. Otherwise, check into Microbe Formulas/Barlow Herbal.

Speaker 14: Elisa Song

What parents need to know about raising kids…. It was a great talk on teaching your children emotional intelligence and harboring good energy at the home. Getting rid of toxic relationships and really focusing in on creating a positive home environment. Just be good to people. Jesus once said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You get the seed that you sow, whether positive or negative. Love, listen, respect, and be kind.


IN CONCLUSION, I did not listen to all of the speakers, just ones I thought would share some really good knowledge. And while I was disappointed with some of the speakers, I can say I truly did learn a lot and most of the speakers I listened to were really good.

Anyways, that is my summary and recommendations in a nutshell. I didn’t cover exactly everything each speaker spoke on, but I did try and summarize it for you and give you cheaper alternatives to what they were telling you to buy.

I am highly surprised none of the speakers talked about Himalayan Salt Lamps, especially since some of these speakers sell these for health benefits. I have these all over my home and in my office at work. And while there is no current scientific evidence to support the claim that they provide health benefits and can clean indoor air of “electro-smog” from all the electronic devices we use, they do release negative ions. Negative ions, of which, are also naturally produced by waterfalls and ocean waves which generate good feelings and increased mood. Positive ions, produced by electronic devices, have the opposite effect and generate anxiety and stress. If anything, they do add a great ambiance to a room. 🙂  Starwest Botanicals carries some beautiful Himalayan Salt lamps.

Transforming your home is no easy task. Just be diligent, steadfast, and you’ll win the race. Baby steps.:)  We’re all in this together. Much Love.

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