Treating COVID-19 With Herbs

So most people wouldn’t get excited treating COVID-19, but I was ecstatic when I was approached to help heal two people with COVID-19 – because I’m an herbalist after all!

The following is what I documented throughout the process of treating these individuals of COVID-19. If there are any doubts, these individuals have agreed to have me reveal their full names and identities and can testify to what I have documented. This is amazing so I hope you read through.

There are 3 patients I will be discussing – 2 I treated and 1 not treated. The one not treated was because she wasn’t someone I knew and lived out of my town but was in direct contact with Patient 1 so I could understand her symptoms while treating theirs. One should note that Person 1 and Patient 1 got sick at the exact same time at work and were tested the same day for COVID-19.

Person 1 (untreated by myself): Symptoms started Sunday morning (Day 1) with no taste and Monday (Day 2) body aches.

Day 4 – still feeling lethargic and unable to do anything.

Day 5 – still lethargic

Day 6 – feeling better and more energy but experiencing a cough. Still no taste or smell.

Day 7 – Dry cough

Day 8 – Still dry cough but starting to get more productive

Day 9 – Starting to feel normal

Patient 1:

  • Day 1 – body aches
  • Day 2 – fever
  • Day 3 – I was notified of said patient and began treating immediately. I started giving her tea. The tea contained 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp feverfew, and 1 tsp pau d’arco. This was boiled and steeped into a quart jar and then strained of the herbs. The tea is very bitter so I also gave her a quart jar of raw, organic honey to take with the tea but she had lost her taste and smell by Day 3 so drank it straight. I also told her and gave her zinc to start taking daily. I told her to open windows and be in the sunlight as much as possible. She told me she doesn’t do well in the sun so I advised her that that is because she doesn’t have/take enough magnesium to properly absorb vitamin D in sunlight.
  • Day 4 – more tea and I made her a 5 thieves oil using the recipe in my blog here to rub on her chest, feet, and hands and to inhale deeply. She is no longer experiencing fever or body aches on this day.
  • Day 5 – more tea but now she is experiencing increased energy and has developed a productive cough from a dry cough. This seems to be the upper respiratory. Still no taste or smell.
  • Day 6 – more tea but the patient is feeling normal, still, no taste or smell and cough is getting better.
  • Day 7 – fully cured. Began to taste and smell. Began taking the honey just for the dry throat.

Patient 2 – This is Patient 1’s husband who came down with COVID-19 within Day 6 of her.

  • Day 1 – High fever but fluctuating up and down. Started taking my tea with the raw honey, zinc, and thieves oil.
  • Day 2 – More tea with honey but the fever has gone and only experiencing diarrhea
  • Day 3 – Patient is feeling great and normal, but experiencing loss of taste and smell – no tea but still taking the thieves oil and zinc
  • Day 4 – Normal, taste, and smell back, and the patient is rejuvenated
  • Day 5 – Normal, can taste and smell and no dry throat

So if you notice between patients, the tea not only helped symptoms but cured the illness and fairly rapidly if implemented early. Herbs are powerful and it’s important to keep in mind when mixing herbs, the supporting herbs with the powerful anti-viral herbs.

I have no doubt that if I had used echinacea or goldenseal in replace of the pau d’ arco that the results wouldn’t have been the same for these are very powerful anti-viral herbs.

My results prove that herbs are effective in treating COVID-19. Now it depends on the symptoms what supporting herbs to include.

With my concoction, the thyme helps with lung support, the feverfew with fever, and the pau d’ arco in fighting the virus itself and to break down and kill it. Raw honey was used in soothing the throat and the 5 thieves oil was great in reducing the virus as well. Breathing in the thieves oil and having that absorb into the skin is great at healing the lungs and body. It’s a protectant against viruses.

Anyways, again these Patients were all diagnosed with COVID-19 at a testing facility and came to me for healing. I healed with herbs and this is proof that COVID-19 can be stopped in its tracks.

Knowledge is power and please feel empowered by this knowledge. Love and light my friends. God bless and stay happy and healthy.

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