Why Herbs and Not Prescription Drugs?

Now I know it seems foreign to most to treat with herbs because we are taught by society at an early age that prescription drugs save lives, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Statistically, prescription drugs kill more people than the actual diseases they are treating you for. No one has to take the drugs they are on. Better nutrition, exercise, and herbs – these things could save your life. The medical drugs out there are made up of chemicals which is foreign to our bodies, this is why our bodies reject it, and why people experience deadly and damaging side effects. Our bodies were never meant to take in chemicals so they will reject them.

So why choose herbs over prescription drugs? I think the answer is obvious. One works with your body to cure the affliction, while the other one works against your body and damages it.

Consider this article by Dr. Mercola on how pharmaceutical drugs are killing more people than even illegal drugs:

“Death by medicine is a 21st-century epidemic, and America’s “war on drugs” is clearly directed at the wrong enemy!

Prescription drugs are now killing far more people than illegal drugs, and while most major causes of preventable deaths are declining, those from prescription drug use are increasing, an analysis of recently released data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by the Los Angeles Times revealed.

The Times analysis of 2009 death statistics, the most recent available, showed:

  • For the first time ever in the US, more people were killed by drugs than motor vehicle accidents
  • 37,485 people died from drugs, a rate fueled by overdoses on prescription pain and anxiety medications, versus 36,284 from traffic accidents
  • Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and young adults between 2000 and 2008, and more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69

Again, these drug-induced fatalities are not being driven by illegal street drugs; the analysis found that the most commonly abused prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax and Soma now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.”

Now while this article targets how pharmaceutical prescription drugs are more harmful than street drugs. One could surmise that this is because we have in this country (the United States) doctors who don’t properly diagnose their clients or don’t care, can see the addiction of these drugs in their patients occurring, and still continue to prescribe them the drugs. Therefore, these prescription drugs are more readily available than illegal street drugs. Don’t get me wrong – both are terrible, but it begs the question – Why are the drug companies allowed to sell these prescription drugs? If you take into consideration here that pharmaceutical companies pay big bucks for doctors to prescribe their pills, then this could be the reason why doctors simply don’t take the time to really understand their patients needs or the root cause of their symptoms.

Remember – drugs ONLY treat the symptoms, never the cause of the problem. The cause is almost ALWAYS attributed to poor diet and nutrition.

Dr. Mercola goes on to say this….

“Nearly 20 percent of Americans have used prescription drugs for non-medicinal reasons, three-quarters of whom may be abusing them. Legal prescription drug abuse is a silent epidemic and is part of the reason why the modern American medical system has become the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. Authored in two parts by Gary Null, PhD, Carolyn Dean, MD ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Debora Rasio, MD, and Dorothy Smith, PhD, the comprehensive Death by Medicine article described in excruciating detail how everything from medical errors to adverse drug reactions to unnecessary procedures caused more harm than good.

Seven years after the original article was written, an analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine3 on November 25, 2010, piqued my interest — the researchers found that, despite efforts to improve patient safety in the past few years, the health care system hasn’t changed much at all. So, earlier this year, I updated the original Death by Medicine article, which, unfortunately, shows more of the same:

  • In a June 2010 report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, study authors said that in looking over records4 that spanned from 1976 to 2006 (the most recent year available) they found that, of 62 million death certificates, almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors.
  • An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year.
  • The costs of adverse drug reactions5 to society are more than $136 billion annually — greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.
  • Adverse drug reactions cause injuries or death in one of five hospital patients.
  • The reason there are so many adverse drug events in the U.S.6 is that so many drugs are used and prescribed – and many patients receive multiple prescriptions at varying strengths, some of which may counteract each other or cause more severe reactions when combined.

There are numerous repercussions to a society that eats, breathes, and sleeps prescription medications, not the least of which is its impact on children. Between 2001 and 2008, there was a 36 percent increase in hospital admissions,7 and a 28 percent increase in emergency room visits, among children age five and younger who had accidentally ingested the medication. ER visits for ingestion of prescription opioid painkillers, such as Oxycodone, increased 101 percent!

And in 2009, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related visits to U.S. emergency rooms nationwide,8 with more than half due to adverse reactions to prescription medications – most of which were being taken exactly as prescribed.9 When you add in the growing numbers of people who are using these drugs recreationally or due to addiction, you begin to see the magnitude of the problem that the pharmaceutical industry is propagating

Unfortunately, this problem is now seriously impacting the next generation. When you were a teenager you may have snuck a beer or two at a party… nowadays teens will mix a variety of prescription pills together in a bowl and take a mouthful of them like candy! The kids think this is a safe way to get high, since they see their parents taking the same medications all the time, but it often turns out to be a literal prescription for disaster that can even be deadly.”

In summary, prescription drugs are being used to get high as well. An unfortunate problem caused by the pharmaceutical industry. You can read more on this topic on Dr. Mercola’s site by clicking Here.

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Do you know what’s in your water? Let’s not forget all of these drugs people are taking are ending up in our water supply when those who use the drugs then excrete it through urine or fecal matter. These do not get filtered out by your local water municipal company. This means people who drink unfiltered tap water (not filtered by a Big Berkey, for example, which is the only water system I know of to eliminate and filter out these byproducts in the water!) contain massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs in it. People are essentially consuming drugs in their drinking water on top of taking drugs themselves. This creates a storm for disease.

An article written by Natural News proves this statement:

“A study published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters published water analysis data from 59 small US streams. In the water, there were 108 pharmaceuticals. One river actually contained 45 different drugs, including muscle relaxant methocarbamol, opioid painkiller tramadol, and the anti-epileptic drug carbamazepine. In nearly every sample, the anti-diabetic drug metformin was found.

This pharmaceutically-tainted water makes its way onto crop fields as well. A study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that crops irrigated with wastewater passed on significant levels of the epilepsy drug carbamazepine. The chemical was detected in the urine of those who ate the crops.

“We don’t know what it means if you have a lifelong uptake of drugs at very low concentrations,’ says Dr. Klaus Kuemmerer, professor of sustainable chemistry at the Germany’s University of Luneberg. The negative effect could be more pronounced in children. Over time, a minuscule amount of several drugs could have an effect on adults too, especially due to intermixing effects. One of the most worrisome classes of drugs often detected are psychoactive drugs. These are known to elicit unpredictable and suicidal behavioral changes in people.

The only surefire way to protect your body and your mind is to invest in a scientifically validated water filtration system that removes heavy metals and pharmaceutical chemicals from the tap.”

This is astonishing and we are just touching the tip of the iceberg here.

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Daniela Perdoma of Alternet recently interviewed Melody Petersen, author of Our Daily Meds and this what she had to say concerning prescription drugs and the effects on people:

“The study estimating that 100,000 Americans die each year from their prescriptions looked only at deaths from known side effects. That is, those deaths didn’t happen because the doctor made a mistake and prescribed the wrong drug, or the pharmacist made a mistake in filling the prescription, or the patient accidentally took too much. Unfortunately, thousands of patients die from such mistakes too, but this study looked only at deaths where our present medical system wouldn’t fault anyone. Tens of thousands of people are dying every year from drugs they took just as the doctor directed. This shows you how dangerous medications are. In recent years, sales of drugs for children have been the industry’s fastest growing business. Doctors now prescribe pills to children for all kinds of conditions — from high cholesterol to anxiety. The market for ADHD drugs has long been a big opportunity for the industry. More recently, the companies have had their sales reps urge doctors to prescribe antidepressants, antipsychotics and other psychiatric meds to children. The result: our kids take more of those medicines than children in other countries. For example, a study last year found that American children take three times more attention deficit medications and antidepressants than children in Europe. “

And worse yet she goes on to explain how doctors are being bought out by Big Pharma:

“The industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on physicians every year. In one survey, 9 out of 10 doctors said they had recently taken something of value from the drug industry. And some of those doctors take hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the industry. The drug companies pay doctors to be their so-called consultants. They also pay them to sit on corporate advisory boards and to give lectures to other doctors. They pay for up to 80 percent of the continuing medical education that doctors need to maintain their licenses. If you ask a doctor if this is a problem, they will more than likely tell you no. But the studies show that even a small gift will sway doctors to write a prescription for a certain drug. The truth is that doctors are no longer independent gatekeepers who keep us safe from drugs we don’t need. Far too many of them are financially tied to the industry. They are writing the prescriptions that their financial backers want them to write.”

It is sickening, to say the least. In a society like ours that is progressing towards the future, it seems like we are going backward in our thinking when it comes to healing. You can read more on Daniela’s interview with Melody by clicking Here.

So where does that leave us? I think this clearly shows that people need better options. The side effects of prescription drugs do more harm than good. God did not intend for us to use these foreign chemicals to treat our illnesses. He gave us herbs and plants. It’s time we go back to our ancient roots and start treating illnesses as they were intended; with proper diet, nutrition, and herbs.

I truly believe when the Bible was speaking of pharmakeia, the "sorcery" it mentions, is related to any and all types of unnatural, man-made drugs. The making of drugs is essentially modern-day alchemy and the treatment with "potions". Paul used the term pharmakeia in Galatians 5.20 as the Greek word for ‘witchcraft'. Is it surprising to find out that nearly all Americans are on some kind of drug? 

Dr. Scott Johnson wrote an article describing Pharmakeia: Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals, and The Roots of Modern Day Drug. Click Here to access Part I of his study. You’ll find the history of pharmaceuticals quite disturbing. 

It is frustrating to me that our government allows unsafe medications and drugs to be used on people and treat it as “normal” or “advanced medicine”, and then demonize herbs and natural remedies as being “unsafe”. Which is the “advanced medicine” here? I think the side effects of these drugs being prescribed to people states the obvious. 

These drugs only treat symptoms, never the cause of the problem. It starts out with one pill for an illness, then you have to take another to handle with the side effects of the first one, and then you have to take another one to handle the side effects of the second one, and so on and so forth. This process makes you a cash cow to Big Pharma for life. Don’t buy into the lie. Educate yourself and treat with herbs.

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  1. I love reading about herbs. This article has some really good information & worth sharing with others. I don’t like taking Prescription drugs because of all the side effects that seem to lead to other health problems. Where I live, there seems to be a really huge problem with opioids. If people would just realize how much better herbs were for them.

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