Why Herbs Are Better Than Drugs

Ah, the all important question….. Why are herbs better than drugs? When we become mercy to pharmaceuticals, we rely on them to heal us, but in reality we come to find out they don’t. They cure symptoms, but not the root cause so therefore never really cures the problem. Doctors take, on a generic level, your symptoms and are taught to prescribe a pill. The functional doctor I go to has told me, the medical schools teach doctors how to identify symptoms to prescribe a pill. And these are chemical pills, an unknown substance to your body, which is why it rejects it and creates other symptoms which you have to go back to the doctor on to prescribe you another pill. It’s a never-ending cycle. Our inner microbiome was designed to work with plants, God’s gift to humanity. By microbiome, I mean gut flora, etc.

The question is, why would God create this world and us and not give us the tools to heal ourselves with? God is perfect, his creation perfect, and therefore His plan perfect. How do you think creation managed without pharmaceuticals for so many years?? Through herbs, that’s how. And I’ll be getting to this later in this blog. But if we fail to learn this concept, we become at the mercy of pharmaceuticals. This is why I’ve self taught myself on the many aspects of herbs in healing the human body and you can too! Just be diligent about it. catalog it, and research it thoroughly. Also, there is a Herbal Academy – International School of Arts and Sciences which is fantastic and a must for learning the herbal arts. The internet is full of misinformation, but in there there are also nuggets of information you can obtain about herbs.


The modern medicine today should be called “alternative medicine”, not the other way around, because it ultimately means alternative to medicine, but herbs ARE medicine. We’ve just been taught for so many years that modern medicine is the way and that herbs are not. Our ancestors did not believe this.


“Flow of Chi” which means Qi in the Chinese language and translates as “air” and figuratively as “material energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow“. This is mostly derived through the food we eat. Food is also herbs. If you think about it, we flavor our foods with herbs. Herbs are plants. We eat them. We must recognize this and we must recognize that food is medicine so therefore herbs is medicine. Our bodies eat to sustain a living organism, not just to enjoy the food we eat. Take for example, when you eat or drink anything bitter, it actually suppresses the appetite because your body tells you not to eat anymore- that it is bitter. This is why tea is actually a great appetite suppressant and why people go on tea fasts.  I, myself, have done tea fasts and it is probably the best way to fast. But, again, we also use herbs to flavor food and we don’t even realize it! Cumin, turmeric, rosemary, parsley, basil – all herbs to flavor food! Most people don’t cook anymore so they don’t even incorporate herbs into their food except for salt and pepper. Honestly, we need to be cooking and making our own food. We can’t rely on processed foods, these are completely deficient of necessary nutrients, full of artificial ingredients like sodium chloride (which is a chemical substitute for a salt preservative), but also when microwaved (like most of them are) kills the existing nutrients in the food so you are pretty much eating cardboard and your body is suffering because of it. Microwaving food is terrible. Just read this blog on the effects of microwaving on your food and you’ll understand >  Here. Chronic disease persists because of incorrect diet.


Like the story of The Empire Wears No Clothes, symptoms arise and are never permanently cured. So it is with prescription drugs. Take for example antibiotics. Antibiotics are given as the cure all and give the impression we conquered all and convince us of healing, but in reality the symptoms keep coming back. Why is that? It’s because you haven’t gotten to the root cause that is creating the symptoms. This could be a dairy allergy, etc. The food elimination process if necessary in these circumstances and until we get to the root cause then, and only then, will you achieve true relief and healing. Food includes herbs and food is medicine. meant to sustain a living organism. With herbs, we begin a journey of healing.

The truth is we can’t live without plants. We’ve been filling our bodies with chemicals for years, ruining our biology. Our biology is ancient. Several thousand years ago, our diet used to contain herbal medicine and since veering from this (see my blog on the history of Big Pharma), we’ve created a cesspool of disease and have seen an increase of disease like we’ve never seen before. Unlike pharmaceuticals, our bodies contain special receptors for herbal medicine. According to a study done by Dr. Lahari Buggapatti titled “Herbs in Dentistry“, ” Herbal extracts are effective because they interact with specific chemical receptors within the body.” and another by American Herbal Pharmacopia,Preliminary research suggests Ashwagandha may suppress stress-induced changes of dopamine receptors in the corpus striatum, which may play a role in the development of chronic anxious behaviors (Upton R, ed: Amer Herbal Pharmacopoeia 2000:1-25.).” And these are just some of the many studies done on herbs. They all interact with receptors in our body in a positive way, working with our bodies, and not against them. It’s truly amazing what God has given us. 🙂 It boils down to this, herbs need to be seen as not only medicine, but food. The more we cook for ourselves, the more we incorporate these into an organic daily diet, it will be for health and well-being and you will reap the benefits.


Take for instance people in the past in regard to foraging cultures. The men in foraging cultures would scavenge for meat, honey, and tubers. Women, on the other hand, would scavenge for honey, tubers, and meat – in that order. In the early 1960’s, women who were knowledgeable and skilled in the way of herbs because of their ancestors, became worrisome to men in power. Women back then had so much plant knowledge to change physiology, that the ultimate resolution was to burn them at the stake and claim them as “witches”, because plant knowledge was considered magic at the time.

The History of Science.com states the following, ”

In the year 1775 my opinion was asked concerning a family receipt for the cure of the dropsy. I was told that it had long been kept a secret by an old woman in Shropshire, who had sometimes made cures after the more regular practitioners had failed. I was informed also, that the effects produced were violent vomiting and purging; for the diuretic effects seemed to have been overlooked. This medicine was composed of twenty or more different herbs; but it was not very difficult for one conversant in these subjects, to perceive, that the active herb could be no other than the Foxglove.1

So began William Withering’s description of his clinical experience with the purple foxglove, which was published 200 years ago. In this book, Withering discussed 158 patients whom he treated with the foxglove. Of these, 101 patients with congestive heart failure experienced relief following administration of the drug, today known as digitalis after the Latin name for the plant, Digitalis purpurea. An analysis of Withering’s individual case reports published by Estes and White2suggests that many of the 57 other cases, such as those with pulmonary tuberculosis, did not involve diseases amenable to treatment with digitalis. Withering himself was aware that these factors might be affecting his results and warned against generalizing on the basis of his cases.”

We should have the choice to practice herbalism. It is our own health after all and we have the freedom to choose what goes in our bodies. It is also the most widely known form of medicine for thousands of years, used by our ancestors. The truth is Big Pharma, and those others in power who support Big Pharma, want to restrict us because they also know of it’s healing power and they can’t make money off of it and kill off humanity like they can drugs. By now, you are probably asking if there’s an agenda with Big Pharma. If money is involved, you can bet on it. If you are taking drugs, the goal of Big Pharma is to keep you as a cash cow till you die, and you will die a slow death. Slow, because they can’t make a living off of the dead. The U.S. has banned, in most states, the practice of herbal medicine by doctors and crippled it. The truth is many pharmaceutical journals out there are paid for by Big Pharma. Taking chemicals to make drugs all started with mustard gas. Just read this article by NCBI, “War! What is it good for? Mustard gas medine“. The Rockefeller foundation started supporting Big Pharma companies after WWI.  Back then you had people who were referred to as the “Heroics”, who gave people mercury for everything including syphilis. And we all know how bad mercury is for you. They used to put it in vaccines, and while they’ve taken it out of some, it is still present in the yearly flu shot.  According to Dr. Mark Hyman on Huffpost,

Once this mercury is in your body it is then primarily distributed in the kidneys and brain and can be readily transferred to the fetus via the placenta.

The only way it can get out of your body is via urine, feces, expired air, and breast milk.
The major reason it is toxic to human biology is because mercury has the ability to bind to sulfur-containing molecules in the body (found in nearly every enzyme and in the mitochondria), as well as other chemical binding sites in the cells.

We’ve learned a lot about how this mercury effects us and our children from reported exposures to mercury over the last 100 years. These include epidemics such as the Minimata Bay exposures in Japan, acrodynia or pink disease in children from calomel (HgCl) used in teething powder, “mad hatter syndrome” or erethism, and methylmercury fungicide grain seed exposures in Iraq and Pakistan.

The symptoms and diseases these exposures have caused are varied and mimic many other conditions. Nervous system toxicity can cause erethism (“mad hatter syndrome” as mentioned above) with symptoms of shyness; laughing, crying, and dramatic mood swings for no apparent reason; nervousness, insomnia, memory problems, and the inability to concentrate.

Other neurologic symptoms may include encephalopathy (non-specific brain malfunction), nerve damage, Parkinsonian symptoms, tremor, ataxia (loss of balance), impaired hearing, tunnel vision, dysarthria (slurred speech), headache, fatigue, impaired sexual function, and depression.

Kidney toxicity leads to proteinura (protein in the urine) and acute renal failure.

Gastrointestinal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and colitis.

Skin toxicity causes allergic dermatitis, chelitis (cracked corners of the mouth), gingivitis (gum disease), stomatitis (sores in the mucous membranes of the mouth) and excessive salivation.

Clearly, mercury toxicity is VERY serious business!”

Meanwhile the people who were considered herbalists and natural healers were referred to as the “Irregulars”. In 1847, AMA came into being and split these two groups (Heroics and Irregulars) and required that women, negroes, and native americans had to be licensed to practice medicine. In 1904, a council was put together. In the 1910 Flexner report, it talks about Flexner visiting medical schools, promoted by the Rockefellers, and pushing drugs through the use of pharmaceuticals or in Hebrew, “sorcery”. This was an attempt to control our health politically and financially. The funding is now gone for homeopathic medicine.


The fact is the strength of drugs may look like it’s cured, but it’s not, and in it’s path it’s causing multiple other illnesses and symptoms to occur because our bodies don’t recognize it. Our bodies DO recognize plants.

In the world of herbs, there are adaptogens and then there are tonifiers. Adaptogens are essential to stress and improve the nervous system while tonifiers tone and strengthen the body. They both feed and nourish the adrenals especially the thyroid gland which is pretty much the command center of the body. You’d be surprised how such a tiny gland controls everything in the body from metabolism to the immune system.

Herbs heal patterns that lead to illness. We first need to see what’s causing the illness and attack the root with herbs. Ayurveda focuses on food for healing and herbs are food. We’ve been disconnected from nature for years and our spiritual health is also lacking because of it. We trust in man to cure our illnesses, but not God’s own provisions? We don’t realize that our spiritual health also affects us physically. In order to get spiritually healthy, we need to trust in God’s plan for us, trust in His plants He has provided for us. We also need to incorporate daily prayer and meditation into God’s Word (KJV). This is how we get back in touch with spirit and nature. We must see that we are all a part of the earth and that which grows on it. For if God created Adam out of the earth, whatever grows in the earth must be for his benefit. Plants are a part of us, which is why it is so important and vital to our health and well-being.

It is ultimately our duty to take our own health in our own hands and we can only do this by studying herbs and learning. Herbal Academy – International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences offers some amazing courses on herbs; how to prepare them, how to make tincture and extracts (a concentrated form of herb), and how to ultimately become your own family doctor with the amazing ability to heal your family and friends with herbs. We don’t allow ourselves to be the master of our own knowledge. We give away our power. Don’t give away your power, instead, be empowered to take your own health and your family’s into yours and God’s hands with plants. Trust His provisions.

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